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Praise for Twitter Power
“As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, it’s clear to me that Twitter is a must-use for any smart businessperson online. Joel Comm’s Twitter Power is the must-read guide defining how to leverage the power of this incredible tool to brand and increase sales in an increasingly competitive world.” —JosephSugarman Chairman and founder, BluBlocker Sunglass Corporation and author of The Adweek Copywriting Handbook

“Jam-packed with clever ways to leverage the Jovian social-networking power of Twitter. The ‘Twitter as Help Desk’ idea alone is a fiendishly simple revolutionary idea.” —Mark Joyner #1 bestselling author of Integration Marketing

“When Joel Comm speaks about anything to do with makingmoney on the Internet, I listen. If you want to learn what you need to know for your business to profit from Twitter, you will find it in the pages of this excellent guide.” —Chet Holmes Business consultant and strategist, and author of the #1 business bestseller, The Ultimate Sales Machine

“For months I saw and heard the buzz about Twitter, but it wasn’t until Joel told me details about itthat I fully understood its marketing implications. Now I can clearly see how this free site can help me further build relationships with my customers, and Iam going to be ‘tweeting’ frequently! In fact, I have already started, thanks to Joel. So thanks for writing this book, Joel. It’s going to help a lot of people grow their business!” —Stephen Pierce

“In the short amount of time I have hadwith Joel Comm, I can clearly see that this is a man who understands how to build profitable Internet businesses. Twitter Power is

Order your copy of Twitter Power NOW! 

sure to set a new standard for those seeking to broaden their entrepreneurial vision to include the latest Internet technologies. I recommend you read it and begin applying it to your businessright away!” —Bill Bartmann Billionaire Business Coach

“I was lucky. Joel Comm sat down with me and explained what Twitter is, how it works, and how I could and should be using it for my business. Joel knows more about using Twitter than any other human, and the proof is in his own massive success with ‘tweeting.’ You’re even luckier; in this book, Joel will teach YOUeverything you need to know about Twitter—and you don’t even need to buy him lunch.” —Dan O’Day Radio advertising guru

“I’m amazed how many people are not yet using Twitter to connect with customers and associates. Once again, Joel Comm leads the way into the future by showing people how they can have increased success by taking some very simple actions. This book has inspired me to take my social mediapresence to the next level!” —Christopher Howard Wealth and personal achievement expert

“Social media has given online business the fuel to ride the next wave of the Internet for many years to come. If you want to be on the cutting edge of strategies that are being implemented by the most successful businesses, Twitter Power is a must-read. Joel has done a great job of demonstrating how aminor investment of time and energy can result in long-term payoffs. No wonder they call him the Social Media Expert!” —Kristopher Jones CEO of Pepperjam and author of Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing

“Joel Comm’s understanding of social media and its applications for entrepreneurs and the growth of their businesses is remarkable. Beyond hisknowledge, it is his
Order your copy of Twitter Power NOW! 

ability to communicate it effectively that makes him stand apart, while his humor in delivery keeps you coming back for more.” —Jen Groover A “One Woman Brand” and founder of Butler Bag LLC

“I’ve been a big fan of Joel’s ability and track record to keep up and explain the importance of new web-based...
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