Unscript : the device

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Scene I
A burglar jumps from one of the ground-level windows of a large, glass building. The glass has been shattered, an alarm is wailing, and police sirens can be heard from just far enough awayto be of no use whatsoever. The robber sprints from the building to the street, and dives through the back door of a car parked on the side of the road.
Robber: Drive, drive!
The driver does, and theburglars proceed to get away.
Driver: Did you get the important thing, the nature of which we're going to leave intentionally vague so the police can explain it in the next scene?
Robber: Yes, Idid. You may now feel free to laugh maniacally at something that really isn't very funny, unless you're, like, high, or something.
Driver: Dude, have you ever really looked at your hands? ...I meanmuahahahahahaha!
Robber: Oh wait, before we close this scene, we need to make sure that the audience can tell we're the bad guys.
Driver: Alright, lemme just run over these puppies someone hasconveniently placed in a box in the middle of the road.
He does this, and the audience becomes filled with righteous fury. However, one puppy seems to have made it. Struggling doggedly onward despite abroken leg, its perseverance despite the excruciating agony is an inspiration to us all. The Robber shoots him.
Driver: Awesome! And did you see how cutethose puppies were before we murdered them? Excellent!
Robber: We're so totally the bad guys, dude! Rock on!
Robber and Driver: Muahahahahahaha!
EditScene II

The scene of the cliche crime.Just outside of the bank has become a bustling crime scene. Police duck under the yellow police-line tape to go back and forth between their jobs and their cups of coffee, red and blue lights areflashing, and there is a general feeling of bustlingness. The camera moves to a small group of officers talking to one of the bank tellers. She seems shaken up, but otherwise unharmed.
Police Officer:...
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