Where everyone is a minority

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This is the story of an old man who fought against the jim crow laws and today , he is telling his grandson Mike the story of his battle against racism .

Washington booker :Mikeeeeeeeeeee !! Comeeeeee my boyyy !!

Mike : Yes grandfatherrrrrrrrrrrr !! Im here !!

W.b : Boy you start to grow up , I think its time for you to know some stuff about your old grandfather. Im gonna tell you a story about my childhood .

Mike : yes daddyyyyyyyyyy , what is the story about ?

W.b: you know mike when I was a schoolboy in 1963 I was arrested , but I don’t thinkthat your mum ever mentioned it to you , you’re a big boy so I can tell you all my secrets !!


W.b: In 1963 I was arrested for protesting against someracist laws, we used to call them Jim crow laws and I have been severely punished because I was black . It was forbidden for us coloured people to protest and to demand our civil rights , do you knowwhat civil rights are ?

Mike: yes we studied it in class they are the rights that the all citizens have.

W.b: well mike at that time we were not considered as normal citizens. America wasn’tthe perfect place for us to live and Im still angry about the government .

Mike: but daddy what did you do wrong to be punished?

W.b: I didn’t do anything wrong son I have just asked for mycivil rights to be respected and the police brutally punished me and my friends.

Mike: so you were not the only man who protest ?

W.b: Of course not mike before me a lot of people were involvedand some of them today are real icons for their acts , you are probably too young to know the story of Ms bradfords or Rosa parks… anyway, thanks to these ladies a lot of thinks have changed in thesociety. They were many other heroes that contributed to our freedom, as Malcolm X, Martin Luther king May they rest in peace.

Mike: what did the police do to you?!!

WB: They were very...
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