Végétarianisme : arguments pour et contre

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Arguments for vegetarinism * You protect animal life * It is healthier * Vegetables are cheaper than meat * If you are not vegetarian, you are responsable of the slaughtering of an animal. * To put the carcass of a dead animals into your month is disgusting * There are many vegetarian alternatives to meat * Vegetarian food are cheaper, even in restaurant or take away * All restaurant and take away do do vegetarian options * Vegetarians are less likely to be obese * Obesity is one of the main causes of illness. If you eat meat you can be diabetes, you can have a cancer, having high cholesterol, acne, food-poisoning… * A documentary : meet your meat * Many famous people are vegetarian : Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Paul McCartney…
If we all become vegetarian… * Meat is expensive, many people can’t afford it. * Vegatarianism makes better use of vegetable resources
Arguments against vegetarianism * You may lack proteins * Vegetable tofu and soja don’t taste nice * You can’t eat at school, there are no vegetarian menus… * They can have food poisoning in eggs and dairy products * Vegetables are poisoning by pesticides * Meat taste good * It’s something natural to eat meat : we have teeth to eat meat (canines) * Humans are at the top of the food chain * We need protein, which is mainly found in meat. * For a wild animal, to be killed and eaten is natural * Vegetarianism is healthier = a supposition. A vegetarian diet can be healthy or unhealthy.
If we all become vegetarian… * Many animals species will disappear * Meat producers would lose their jobs * Animals help manage

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