We, the people

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We, the people

« We, the people.» - the most often quoted words of the preamble of the US Constitution. - an historic and great symbol of America, which is still meaningfull for most American people, even 200 years after their writing.

Last year, president Obama began his race speech with these words :
"We the people, in order to form a more perfect union."
Two hundred and twenty one years ago, in a hall that still stands across the street, a group of men gathered and, with these simple words, launched America's improbable experiment in democracy. Farmers and scholars; statesmen and patriots who had traveled across an ocean to escape tyranny and persecution finally made real their declaration of independence at a Philadelphia convention that lasted through the spring of 1787.”
As you can see in listening to this, 200 years later, the words which expressed the foundation of America haven’t lost their symbolic power.
In this presentation, I will try to determine:

( Why those words are such a fundamental symbol for the USA, and what meanings can be linked to these words
( In which way president Obama used the words “we the People”, and in which way they are still relevant today

I. We the people, kesako?

A. A great symbol for the US

When I was looking on the Net for informations about “we, the people”, I found that: power point.
Considering this, it’s not exagerated to say that this expression seems to have a particular importance for american people in the fields of democracy, freedom or human rights.

As you may know, the U.S. Constitution is recognized all around the world as a symbol of freedom and democracy, regardless what we think about american policy in the world.
Common wisdom considers this introduction to the Constitution (“we the people”) as the will of the Great Fathers to base the Constitution on the popular legitimation. In other words, it would mean that the government gets its power from the people, and

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