What does "living together" means ?

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First of all, we’ll explain what does “living together” means. “Living together” is not a right, in our civilized society, it’s a duty (devoir). It means living by being tolerant and respectful withthe other citizens. We can take out (extraire) different ideas from the images we studied...
Some people think that everyone must live as the same way, whereas we’re all different, so it’s a mistake.Instead of trying to make a uniformed world, we must learn about the others. Each man is sole (unique), and it’s a lucky thing for our society. “Living together” means to reduce the inequalitiesEven if there are inequalities in our society, this kind of structure is the best one. Indeed, there must have several institutions and values to fight against inequalities:
- Democracy: it’s thesign of a modern country. Democracy as it’s defined makes everyone the same: “Democracy is a political form of government in which governing power is derived from the people, by direct referendum, or bymeans of elected representatives of the people.” This form of government respects the Human Rights: it means it respects the difference of the people.
- The society must be secularity. The definitionof secularism is: “the concept that government should exist separately from religion and religious beliefs.” Indeed, each human can choose his religion, and no one must keep someone from beingCatholic, Moslem (musulman), or a Jew. Secularism is one of the key for a society to be successful.
- Today, every sociologists agree and say that there isn’t any social tie any more (lien social),whereas it’s the base of our theme “Living Together”. They call these fact “individualism”. In their opinion, solidarity is a key-word, and individualism make the social tie weak. The social tie makes usable to understand the others. That’s why you should try to think about the others before thinking about yourself.
- To be able to live together implies having a good education. Indeed, we must...
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