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Uruguay Round 3
World Trade Organization, WTO 4
World economy from WTO 5
Future of international economic policy in Colombia 6
Rights and obligations in the WTO Colombia Rights 7
Conclusions 9


This paper seeks to review the significance is of the signing of the World Trade Organization, WTO, international economic policy in Colombia. For the effectSalient results obtained at the Uruguay Round of the GATT-product of which arose the WTO, "a brief presentation of the structure of this body and an assessment of their importance worldwide, we study its influence on country's trade policy for the last five years of the twentieth century, summarizes the rights and obligations of the nation and draws some conclusions. (M N Cardwell, 2003)
As noted,what is sought is to open the borders of the countries from eliminating barriers to foreign direct investment, allowing free movement of capital and ensuring the expanding market for multinationals, which plays a key role labour market deregulation to ensure very cheap labour. This in turn implies a fiscal adjustment, a gradual dismantling of the state and its companies, the legalization ofprivate property rights and lower social spending directed only to those most marginalized (Blackwell, 2004).
Today's proposal globalization has its highest expression on the momentum of the so-called free trade agreements between nations, strongly promoted by the WTO.

Uruguay Round

The launch of the Eighth Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations, 20 September 1986, was the product of manyevents that occurred in the early eighties, which led to the international economy and rising protectionist declining dynamism . (Schott, 1994)

Within the thematic content of the Round, we can distinguish four areas: (WTO, 1999)

1. Access to markets, covering tariff reductions and the elimination of non-tariff measures that weigh on tropical products, agriculture, products obtained from theexploitation of natural resources and textiles.

2. Business rules as the articles of GATT, subsidies, safeguards and codes of the Tokyo Round.

3. New forum topics: services, intellectual property and trade-related investment.

4. Institutional aspects related to the work ing of the multilateral trading system and the system of dispute settlement.

In particular, as a result of the UruguayRound established new rules and disciplines in many areas, as follows:

-Strengthening and improvement of GATT multilateral trading system, due to the establishment of the World Trade Organization, WTO.

-Increased responsiveness of the multilateral trading system to fluctuations in the international economic environment of markets for goods and services.

"Adoption of a joint action innational and international levels to strengthen the relationship between trade policy, financial and monetary policy.

"Direct participation of national decision-making bodies at national level, due to the formation of the Ministerial Conference, which meets at least every two years.

In Access the results are quite broad in agriculture and other products.

In agriculture covers three areas:(Agriculture)

a) Access to the market itself. 
b) domestic support. 
c) Support for export. 

World Trade Organization, WTO

The World Trade Organization, WTO, tends to interpret the situation in a world increasingly interconnected do in all areas (political, economic, technological, ideological, etc.).. Hence, not only its subject matter includes issues of trade policy at the border, butthe inherent investment, and technology services, also admits that he can treat others, from the point of view of its relationship with politics trade, such as those relating to measures for environmental protection, labour rights and monopoly practices. (R, 2005)

The legal framework of the WTO covered agreements and arrangements that will be part of it.
The multilateral, which is binding and...
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