A day without mexican

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I – “One day without Mexicans”

II – What countries make to limit immigration ?

III – Migration : why it exists ? Advantages and disadvantages.



I choose to do my final paper about migration. Why I choose this subject ? Actually, I was on internetand I saw an article which me had take in for questioning. The tittle of this article is : one day without Mexicans. Briefly, I only would like to say that this article deals with Mexicans immigrants in the South on the United Sates (I will explain the problem with more detail in the first part).

I think migration is a very important and interesting topic. Indeed, this subject touches closelymore or less every country in the world.

When you think about migration, you think about : integration, laws, problems of understanding or harmony... But you think also about melting pot, different cultures, wealth because of diversity …

So what it the definition of migration ? Migration is the permanent movement of individuals or groups from one place to another. Migration is a basic factof human history. It is not new. There are many reasons to explain migration movements.

By basing me on the article which I spoke about and on some other facts, I will try in this report to show you what countries make to limit immigration, and we will also going to see why migration exists and its advantages and its disadvantages.

In this part, I will explain and analyze the article that Ihave spoke about into the introduction. As I said, this article is “One day without Mexicans” (Le Figaro, 19/05/10).
What are the facts ? The 23th April 2010, in the Arizona States (United States), which is a bordering states of Mexique, the government has decided to adopt a law which say : From now police officers have the right to arrest all foreign who is suspected of being an illegalimmigrant. Before this law, officers had the right to arrest them only if they had made an offense. For opponents, it is a violation of features (délit de faciès) legislation. To protest them against this repressive law on immigration adopted in Arizona, shopkeepers of Nuevo Larado states (Northeast of Mexique) had called Mexicans who are living near to the border to not make shopping on Monday 24th Mayin the United States, to protest against the repressive law on the immigration adopted in Arizona. They do that to disrupt Arizona economy because lots of Mexicans who live near to the border make they shopping in America, and especially in Arizona. This is the fact.
This kind of event shows that migration creates lots of problem between the different communities. But, in this case, we have toknow that there are 12 millions of Mexicans who have emigrate in the United States, and half of them are illegal immigrants. Mexicans immigrants play an important and major role in the United States economy (because they work) and also in the Mexican economy (Actually, they send dollars to their families and it represents the second currency resource of Mexique). In Arizona, there are 460 000illegal immigrants, 400 000 are Mexicans. Since this law, in Arizona, you can walk in the street, and be arrested, just because you haven't enough fair skin. But, when you think about the France situation, it is exactly the same. Indeed, in France, there is a law which say “Foreign people have to be able to present documents under the cover of which they are authorized to circulate or to stay in France… “(article L611-1).
Then, the situation is exactly the same in France than in America. Some french people have criticized this law, but actually, in my opinion, France does exactly the same thing.
The problem is not concerning only Mexique, America, or France. There are many countries where we find this kind of discrimination. As we saw with this article, governments are making lots of...
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