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My name is Walid and I am going to tell you my story. Everything begun in 1805. I was back then 15 and very naive like any boy of that age.One morning as usual when everybody were doing their daily tasks. Everything was so quiet in the village when suddenly I saw a lot of men withweapons coming to us and asking us to follow them.
We obeyed and went on an old boat to Florida in America. The journey was long and the heatwas unbearable because we were all trapped like animals in a cage. Everybody was sobbing and bursting into tears remembering what hadhappened. After long hours, one keeper dragged me outside the boat, we were at destination and then I understood we were meant to be sold as slaves.It was auction.
After being sold to my master, my everyday's life was like hell. Every day, I had to give my best on the cotton fields forthe plantations. They rewarded me by whipping me. The keepers who were there too watch us took pleasure in seeing our pain and suffering. Atsome time, I could not stand being beaten and then I decided to run away. My runaway was long but unfortunately my hunger and tireness got me. Iended up before my masters and the endless punishment began.. I was dragged and whipped. That punishment sent me 8 days in prison while in themeantime I had to recover and return to my work as a slave.
I was then determined to escape again but that time without being caught.
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