L'affaire dreyfus

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I) The Band

Public enemy is an american band . This rap group was created in 1982 in Long island , in New-York . The band is composed of 4 members :
Chuck D :The leader of the band , a singer
Flavor Flav : The second singer
Professor Griff : held the position of Minister of Information
Terminator X : the D.J.

Public enemy was one of the first rap group. They are known for radical political positions criticizing the media and for some sentiments very committed on the condition of the black community in the U.S . They are also known for their slogan: « Make love , Fuck ware ».

II) The Song

The song “Fight The Power” was singing by Public enemy . First released on the soundtrack for the film Do the Right Thing , an edited version wasreleased in 1990 on Public Enemy's third album, Fear of a Black Planet , this song is their biggest single . Fight the Power was recently ranked number 1 in a classification of the Greatest Songs of HipHop, further demonstrating the impact of this song.

This rap song was singing by Chuck D and Flavor Flav , the two singers.They've got deeps voices. The rhythm is almost the same during all the song.We can listen differents instruments : drumps , guitar . We can listen too modified sounds probably by the DJ of the band and also sounds of street because the scene takes place in the street.

Thesong is composed of 3 verses and a chorus that is "Fight the power". It may be noted that at the end of each verse the phrase "Fight the power " is repeated.

Now , we can read and explain 3passages from the song :

-« We got to fight the powers that be » , They are against the governement
-« Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps » , most of theirs heroes were black people, so ittheirs express racism in society against blacks community.
- « Cause I'm black and I am proud » , He claims his membership and his pride in being black.

Conclusion: We choose this song because we...
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