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CAPS Job Number 18698
The Bow Valley College Applied Research and Innovation Department works in collaboration with all departments
in the College, community agencies, and all levels of governmentto engage in initiatives that benefit learners, the
College, industry, and the community. The department provides leadership and assistance in the development of
proposals and project management.They also supervise research projects and work with faculty and staff to build
capacity and foster a culture of applied research and evidence-based practice. We have an exciting new opportunity
for aResearcher to continue and further the work of the department.
Reporting to the Dean, the Researcher is responsible for leading and conducting research, including:
• Scanning the environment forresearch opportunities and developing proposals in response to these opportunities
• Conducting literature and document reviews
• Developing data collection tools and analyzing the data
• Designingand implementing applied research projects
• Writing research reports
• Planning and implementing knowledge dissemination
• Assisting the Dean with the implementation of the department Strategic Plan• Creating and implementing research activities for staff and faculty
Working within a team environment, your strong understanding of research ethics and processes, your background
in research andyour strong communication skills will contribute to the continued success of the Applied Research
and Innovation department.
Job Description
Position Start Date 9/14/2010
• Masters degree withpreference given to individuals with a PhD in the Social Sciences
• 5 years of experience in an Applied Research role
• Excellent written and verbal communication and organizational skills
•Excellent facilitation and interpersonal skills
• Strong computer skills
• Working knowledge of evaluation strategies, both formative and summative
• Previous experience with writing for publications...
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