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In today’s World, the United States is in an incontestable position of the most powerful country. Its supremacy is evident and is present all over the globe that’s why we can ask what makes the US asuperpower?
Initially, we’ll see how American culture is dominating the world with the consequences which entails it and finally we’ll show how America expands its influence other than thecultural field.
Firstly, America’s culture is widespread in the globe. Indeed, we can effectively see this in each and every corner of the world. McDonald’s is present in everycountry. Not only this, the US’s culture can be seen in a lot of other things such as the cinema or music. In fact, the first thing which comes to one’s mind when we talk about America is Hollywoodor Michael Jackson. American series are globally known such as Dr. House or Prison Break. They also stand up to show their power in competitions such as Olympic Games or others. This makes a big impacton a lot of people. Despite their cultural domination, there seems to be some opposition to them as some countries starts to contest this as it’s becoming a threat to the local traditions and customsas everyone starts to eat hamburger, wear Nike shoes and dresses etc.
Secondly, American power can be witnessed from their expansion in the economic, military and politicalfield. They are the world’s Police. Indeed, their intervention is pervasive as in Afghanistan or in Iraq. Although, in recent times, their economy seems to degrade, they are still the foundation ofthe world’s economy; the recent crisis proves this. In Politics, America is the leader of the World. The President of America has a power which none in the world has, it’s a big responsibility.Overall, The US rule over the world mostly thanks to the globalization. However, there are still debates as globalization can actually be an Americanization of the world as they seem to invade everywhere...