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I. The fact
Yesterday A retired woman of Northampton made fail the stickup of a jewelry by attacking the thieves, nevertheless armed with masses, in knocks of handbag. The video of this exploitmakes since the tour of the media across the Channel.
Everything begins on Monday morning at about 9:30 am, to Northampton, in the southeast of du United kingdom. Six men, the face masked by theirhelmets of motorcycle, attack a jewelry. Three members of the gang attack in knocks of masses the shop window of the store while their accomplices wait on three scooters ready to start. The staff of theshop, paniced, activates the Iron Curtain but one of the thieves, having managed to break the window, begins to plunder display stands. An old lady comes to their help, wrapped up in a red coat and abig scarf, crosses the street by running and strike a strong blow of handbag to one of the drivers of scooter.
The retired woman attacks the looter, gives him knocks of handbag. Distracted by thisattack, the thief goes away from the shop window, soon covered by the curtain.. The grandmother gives a blow of bag to the motorcyclist the closest to her. Surprised, he accelerates, making hispassenger fall. It is at this moment there that the other passers-by, who did not dare to intervene to there, help her and immobilize the thief on the ground. The day heroine, begins to collect thestolen jewels which fell on the ground in the altercation.

II. Her interwiew
The great grandma now admits not to have thought before acting. An act as that this could not remain unpunished. Howeverduring the interview in the press she wished guard her anonyma to have no return of the hold-up men.

III. My point of view
I think that this retired woman is at once brave, stupid and crazy.Brave because nobody except her made something for stop the stickup. Stupid and crazy because her age does not allow to fight against men hardly and armed. We have maybe superman who is back!