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Last Sunday, during the holiday, the 8th of december, I went to England, in London, to visited Big Ben with my family. We went there by car. The journey was very, very,very long and tiring because wedrove for five hours and we didn't have any breaks but it was worth the wile. Indeed, ones arrived in London, it was beautiful. There were a lot of people and splendid landscapes. We arrived thenight and some lights illuminated the city. There were large houses and buildings impresses us and long streets. We were hosted by french friends who live in London since few years. The next morning, wewent by car visited Big Ben accompanied by our friends. These we had says much good of this tower and volunteered to guide us to visit this. We saw a tower that grew at progressively as we approached.Once before, we were impressed by its size and the clock began to ring so loudly that even more than 3 kilomètres we could hear. It is situated next to Westminster Bridge and is adjacent toParliament. The monument is golden and shiny and its architecture is beautiful.We could differentiate some decor and writes very original. Stained glass were on the bottom of the tower and some windows on therise, but what we saw most was the big clock with his big needles who indicating the time. For that/this, there were four dials, one on each side. We stayed several minutes, motionless, to admire. Manypeople were equally impressed as we. They watched, visited and took many photos of this extraordinary tower. We asked /We had requested /a guard if we could visit and he agreed/accepted. Toreach/achieve/the belfry, the chemain was very complicated and tiring but once we did not regret. It should go/browse 335 steps and the floors were always the same each time with a window where you see moreand more high. Once up, it was a new shock. We saw a gigantic bell that weighed about 13 tons. The mechanism was very interesting and really beautiful. The top view was unbelievable, it was like a...