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I don't know what I will be in 12 years and where I will be, but if I must choose, I think I will be in Japan in Tokyo. Not really for buildings, for bridges andmonuments, I want to live in Japan because Japanese are not afraid of the difference. Everyone can be as he wishes it, can get dressed as he wants without being toconsider by the others and I think this is very well. I like the culture of Japan,I like mangas, food, musics, series, and Japanese movies. If I have (81) tospeak about buildings and about monuments, I have speak something : in tokyo,many buildings are very big and stylized, as the "city all" of Tokyo. There is a verybeautiful monuments as a Tokyo Tower, a "Cathédrale Sainte Marie" and Sanctuary Yasukuni. (126) Tokyo is a good city for me because this is a modern city but tokyohave got old buldings too, as temples. (148) I don't go in Tokyo with my family because, I want to discover this city alone and to meet people.
I just want a newlife , a second chance.
I will not be married, because I want "To live" without constraint. I just want to Live " day by day". I will have got friends , not manyfriends, just one or two for to Laugh with them(216)Sometimes, I will to visit my parents and my friends in France.(228)
I would like to be an interpreterEnglish-Japanese-French (I would learn Japanese to the university) , and to work in a high school, or to be a scriptwriter of " drama ", ( Small Japanese series) (263)I know that I would not be what I have just written, because it is impossible, But it is a dream, and I would make everything for to try to make a success (296)