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"Mohammed Srour, 35, can never forgive himself for leaving his family behind 'It was Thursday at 5.45pm precisely. I was sitting on the roof and saw soldiers running in. Their caps were turned tothe back. I knew they were attacking the camp. I told my father. He immediately gave me and my brother money and told us to run away. He and my mother and sisters would stay at home. He thought thesoldiers would only want the young men. So we ran. I came back on Saturday when the Lebanese army came in. I opened the door. My father's and sister's bodies were crumpled on top of each other.Outside on the streets were piles of bodies, with flies sticking to them. I recognized some of our neighbors. The massacre taught me one thing hatred. Hatred against the Jews and those who were withthem."

They say that the objective of this war is to exterminate the members of the Hamas, another pretexte as the precedents to exterminate and terrorize the Palestinian people more of 900mort"civilians" among whom 275 children, 97 women and 15 ambulance drivers and 5 journalists in the 2 weeks
The message is clear we charge to the people his(her) freedom of expression because it has to votefor Hamas.

Like that, people go detester Hamas, we do not stop passing on his(her,its) messages and crossing(exceeding) the waves of the local chaines to say to us all what undergoes you, it is hascause of Hamas which betrayed you and did not set the ressponsabilite to protect you.

Even before Hamas, they bombard, them imprison inside Gaza, and in front of the world, they dissent that theyare to remove from Gaza and that the Palestinians have their freedom.

Since Hamas was in the government, it has been 2 years since they suffer from the blockade thrower of rockets are the anotherpretext to convince the world that Israliens is victims and who have the right(law) to protect itself against rockets to make locally with any sort of military weapons even who are internationally...