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Dear Julie,

I hope you’re good! I miss you very much and I can’t wait for you to come spend a few days at home.
I write youthis letter to tell you my very strange experience during my trip to Morocco 6 years ago!! I was 10.
With my parents we decided tospend holidays in Morocco and it was very great!! I met a boy, Sacha. So far nothing special. We spent our week at beach, we playedvolleyball with others friends. One day, he said me “Where do you live?” I replied that I lived in Martigues. Then, he said me that helived in Martigues too. It was very strange because I never seen him somewhere. We found lots of things in common including that we’llgo to the same college in the coming year. We spent the rest of holidays together and once back in France, I haven’t heard from him.In September, a back to school, I saw him!! I was very happy because I missed him since our return from Morocco. The teachers haveformed classes and SURPRISE we are both in the same class. We were very glad. Since that day, we are always in the same class. Hebecame my close friend. Today, I’m at high school, Sacha is always in my class. I think that we’ll always friends because somethingbrings us together. It’s a funny story but it’s mine and I love it.
I hope you loved my story too !!
See you soon !!!
Bye !!