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The place of women in the society has evolved a lot during the last century. From a traditional perspective, the social role of a woman was to be a housewife, devoting herself to domestic activities,reproduction, and children's education.

Nowadays, in developed countries, women are becoming more prominent in the workplace, and have more access to managerial roles. In 1967, the « LoiNeuwirth » autorised contraception and the « Loi Veil » in 1975 autorised the abortion in France. Since, the number of active French women have augmented to more than 3 millions, also because of theindustrial revolution. Also, in modern marriages, women do not take on the « traditional housewife » role, and have more freedom : many are working mothers. Six years ago, the Australian parliament proposedto examine a law that would accord a maternity leave to Australian women salaried employees as Australian women did not have the luxury of maternity leave before this.
Marriage has also shown moreequality - most women now have a choice as to who they want to marry. Previously women did not have as much say, as first the men asked for the permission of the father, regardless of womens opinions.Many countries voted for a law that brought the legal age of marriage to eighteen to fight against the arranged marriage.

Moreover education with girls school alongside boys as equal student andequal priveleges, make that in France for example, young women are more diplomed than men in the present time whereas in the past education was reserved to boys. Not only among the students but alsothe teaching staff is abundant with women.

If the emancipation of women still is not total in the industrialized countries where women continue to fight for equal rights, it's even worse in"underdeveloped" countries where women generally live in a state of misery. Most of the them are illiterate, malnourished or ill and have to work hard for little reward. From the moment of birth, girls...