Apple's new strategy

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Sales Management November, 28th, 2010


This topic has for objective to show the advantages and drawbacks of the different sales strategies of Apple

brand. As numerous as they are, skepticsdo not reject the technological inputs of the famous apple products - but more the media phenomenon that is attached to it. ! During its history, Apple has borne a period of doubt and came close todisaster. By increasing

loss of capital, its competitor and rival investing $150 million in the firm ; it emerged from the abyss. Today, thanks to this action, Apple has the opportunity to gain marketshare and produce products never imagined before. All synonymous with luxury, the Apple brand does have a tiny 7% of the overall market. System still little used, Macintosh must differentiate itself inanother segment. Photography, video, and sound professionnals are still the main targets. Expanded to the field of mobile phone and digitized music, Apple became a reference and each new speech on hispart is, ironically speacking, compared with the arrival of the Messiah. How to explain such a phenomenon and success in the strategic and managerial policy of Steve Jobs? To avoid repetitions withour topic of Organizational Behavior, we will not return to the qualities that Steve Jobs has as CEO of Apple, or its products ; and we focus on the marketing and advertising actions, whichcaracterized the name of his company.


In terms of computing line, we can see that when a new product comes out in stores, his

announcement is often mixed. Published as posters or advertisements inspecialized newspapers, the new product from Microsoft, Samsung, Dell, or even Hewlett-Packard is unnoticed. To amplify its sales further, Steve Jobs is always announcing publicly the creation andcommercialization of its new products. Recalling the recent profits on the new product. Thus in 2009, while the iPhone 4 appeared, Jobs publicly announced the arrival of a new range of products between...