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1) Fill in the blanks in the following summary (one blank = one word (4 x 0.5)

Abby is talking with ....…………......., who is ....………............ wife,about ......…………....... , ....……....……......'s husband.

2) Tick the correct answer. (2 x 1)

a) The two men work

′ In a law firm.

b) What is the most appropriate title?′ A frustrated wife.


A) RIGHT OR WRONG? Tick the correct box and justify all your answers with brief quotations.
(7 x 1)
1) Mitch never works on Sundays. ′Wrong
(line 3) "Since Sunday is a day of rest, he puts in only five or six hours".

2) Abby feels pleased with her married life. ′ Wrong
(line 6) "A lot of frustration" "I'm beginning to feellike a widow".

3) The couple usually speaks a lot in the evening. ′ Wrong

(line 8) "he might talk to me for a few minutes before he passes out"

4) Kay has already experienced the samesituation as Abby. ′ Right
(line 12) "Sort of. He worked seventy hours a week for the first year"

5) The employees of the firm need to show how virile they are. ′ Right
(line 13) "A maleritual in which you have to prove your manliness"

6) Mitch is famous for working hard. ′ Right
(line 21) "Lamar says he's already a legend around the office"

7) Abby believes it istime for her to have children. ≤ Right ′ Wrong
(line 25) "I'm not ready for children"

B) Pick out from the text. (2 x 1)

a) One sentence proving that Kay is comforting Abby.
(line 29) "Kayreached across the table and gently took Abby's hand"

b) One sentence proving that Kay is more confident in the future than Abby.
(Line 30) "The first year is the hardest. It gets better, Ipromise"

C) Pick out an element proving that the firm has some diabolical effect on Mitch. (1)
(Line 20) "In fact, he is possessed"

D) Tick the correct answer. (4 x1)

1) "Like a widow" (line 6-7)...