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The New York Stock Exchange

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The New York Stock Exchange was born in 1817. It is situate in the south top of Manhattan, in New York. The main street is obviously calling Wall Street, a street which is built by the Dutch settlers in order to protect them against the Indian and English attacks.
It is today the main worldwide Stock Exchange place where the biggest sum of money issharing. Unfortunately, after several events, everybody found out that the worldwide economy depend, a little bit, of the New York Stock Exchange quotation.
So what is really Wall Street?
In the first part, it seems to be primordial to develop the history of this emblematic place. In a second part, we will raise the two main institutions activities which are the NASDAQ and the Dow Jones. Andfinally, we will show the results of a New York Stock Exchange crisis in planetary scale.

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In 1653, the Dutch settlers who was install in the south top of Manhattan (in this period: New Amsterdam), constructed a big and large wall to protect themselves to the Indian and English attack. That’s why this place is named now “Wall Street”.
The first stock exchange was not in Wall Street (NewYork), but in Philadelphia in 1790. The New York Stock Exchange was born by the Buttonwood Agreement, in 1792. By this agreement, the main merchants of New York who signed this one (which aims to make order in the Wild Trade) engage themselves to exchange stock (titres) just between them and to determinate together the fixed amount of their commissions.
That’s finally, in 1817 the New York Stock& Exchange Board appeared in Manhattan. So, 44 years later, broke out in New York (in United States of America generally), the civil war between 1861 and 1865 (the secession war). During all this bloody period, the American government demanded to Wall Street to finance this war.
During this long period, there was a lot of little event like the Wall Street Journal creation in 1889. In 1896,the very special Dow Jones appeared which brings together at this time the twelve largest securities listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

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Every market has got his own stock exchange index; the NYSE has got the Down Jones. In a reduced form the DJIN or simply Dow Jones is the older index on the American stock market and in the world. The Down Jones born in 1884 thanks toCharles Jones. It is composed of the 30 value which are the most important of the United States of America.
At the beginning during the spring 1896 was composed of 12 industrial value, in 1916 20 news value get into the institution, 30 became the higher number of company in the Down Jones Industrial Average in 1928. The first publication of the index was the 7 of October 1896 in the Wall Streetjournal, nowadays nothing has changed expect the company of the Down Jones.
Today the Down Jones Industrial Average is not the only index of the Down Jones, there are the "Dow Jones transportation Average" and the "Dow Jones Utility Average”. The first one concerns the transport and the second one concern the energy.

Between August 1921 and September 1929 the index skyrocketed of 468%, the 24October 1929 the Crack happened the sign lost 56, 7% during the year. After another crack of October 1987 the index did not stop climbing and the 17 July 2007 overstepped the 14 000 points. Today the Down Jones is a part of the NYSE in fact the problem of the Down Jones is that it is the only index which is based on the value of the actions which composed it. The reason to keep it is to compare theevolution of the stock exchange from 120 years; the other reason to keep it is sentimental because the Down Jones is the older stock exchange index of the world.
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In 1914, begins in Europe the World War 1. That’s just in 1917 that the United States of America enter in war. So the American government issues the Liberty bonds to finance him. Yet, the United States of America leaves...