Artificial intelligence

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  • Publié le : 28 mars 2011
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Artificial Intelligence is appearing with the computer approximately on 80’s. Since that period, computer and A.I. are more and more efficient and take importancein our society. But if we continue on that way, scientists could create Artificial Intelligence that is greater than our intelligence?
The ArtificialIntelligence has been invented by the human being, so to increase this kind of intelligence, robot or computer need the scientist intervention. Every change we add to themis because of us, so we know what exactly robot or computer are ability to do. We have to think about the consequence about what we do because of more and more weuse them and less and less we are dependent of Artificial Intelligence. Actually a lot of financial or economic or anything else operation use A.I, in fact theworld where we live can’t exist without them, we are already dependent of them.
Also we can imagine in the future a technology where scientist will give thepossibility for computer or robot to learn by himself, upgrade himself, on internet for example. The A.I will control himself without any human intervention, maybe itwill able to take decision without human feelings. If they become self-educated what kind of future the human race will have? Does human being will disappear?
Forthe time being, Artificial Intelligence isn’t greater than ours, A.I. could be more efficient but it is under-control. But we can already ask us self about whatwe really want for the future and which place we want to accord to computer, robot or Artificial Intelligence in us society.

Thomas SIMON