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Dear Mum and Dad
I’m sorry I haven’t sent you any news during these three long months,since the last letter I  sent at the beginning of theschool year. My life has changed a lot.
Compared to high school in Winchester, the campus is very different. We have lot of intellectual activitieslike chess and other physical activities like basketball tennis and swimming. On Saturdays, if I have enough time, I practice baseball on thecampus. I’m rather good at this sport, moreover, the coach selected me to participate in the next tournament.
 If we have time to spare and if wedon’t want to practice any activity, we can go into the center of the city which is only  five minutes from the campus or we can also go to thepark. They have lot of open space in Langford. In fact, Langford gives its students a lot of autonomy.
Despite all this activity, our timetableis very full. I must) work harder than at high school, we have lots of homework and the teachershave high standards. Despite that, they areinteresting and very attentive to the success of the students. I have progressed a lot this first semester and my marks are satisfactory.
Finally,your choice to send me to study here was a great idea, my initial apprehension was unwarranted and it is an excellent campus. I have met many kindsof students who have facilitated my integration into Langford and the days here pass very quickly.
Hoping to see you soon,
With love,Amit .