Big fish

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Big Fish

Question 1
Edward Bloom was a really good man and father. He was the father of William Bloom in the story of ‘’Big Fish’’.
In the book, Edward is dying andhis son, William, realise he doesn’t know his father as well as he thinks because Edward wasn’t there when he was growing up. So he decided to try to him more before hedies. During all his life, Edward was a teller of jokes, stories, legend and also myths. That is what drove Edward toward his whole life: telling jokes to everyone. Itis with those jokes that William will understand who really his father is.
Edward was the friend of everyone and everybody loved him. He was handsome and funny. He wasvery courageous. That is the reason why girls loved him very much.
Edward had many qualities. He could run really fast, "he could arrive in a place before setting outto get there’’ told William in the book, he was running faster than anyone in the city. No one could keep up with him.
Edward had and other very important quality, hecould tell jokes all day long, like I said before in the text, without being exhausted. But it was people around who were exhausted hearing him after a long time. He wasalso telling jokes to his son when he was on his death bed. We can see that nothing could stop him telling jokes.
He was a really tall guy. Edward grew up so fastthat he had to stay in bed for a long time. Well, that is what he told his son.
Edward was also a guy who loved to travel. He lived in many different cities and in manydifferent houses in his life. He promises himself that he would see the whole world, visit all countries and that he would not stay at the same place for a long time.