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A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of my Dream
In this essay will describe about Freud’s theories of dream, in this, one will discuss the ‘manifest content’, one will then analyse and interpret one owndream to ‘latent content’ by using some of Freud concepts. In this paper I will define what dream is and what other psychologists such as Freud says about dream and the meaning of dream. Will alsotalk about how other psychologists criticise Freud on his theory. I will then conclude.

The dream is in a mind’s of things that happen in our sleep and the things that we experience in the previousdays. However Freud also stated that dream is the life of mind during our sleep, and the dreams are reaction to a stimulus and can disturbs our sleep (Malcolm1959).
According to Symington (1986,P.90) Freud felt that dreams are hallucinatory fulfilment of wishes. For this Freud saw that our dreams have disguise repress feeling that can be discovered in the latent content of our dreams. Dreams isa consists of thoughts of feelings and impressions that on has when asleep. For example things that happen to us in early age this continue coming back as a condensation, keep thinking about thingsthat had said or done to us the thought or anxieties of the particular thing that has happen between us and out parents or things that things that has happen at school or workplace.
According to Freuddream work is therefore perform important psychic work for the individual. He also state that dream came into being because latent content is converted into manifest content. Freud also stated that ineffect, dreams are subject to a kind of censorship achieved through dream work. Freud and others have indentified several aspects of ‘dream work’. Some of the methods used in dream works areCondensation, Displacement, Repression and Representation.
My dream was about my mother, I had this dream after she died. I and my mother had a very strong relationship, as I was the youngest child. In...