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November 2010

Table of contents
Introduction 3
Chronology of Caroll Company 4
History of Caroll Company4
About Caroll Company 6
The five strength of Porter environment 7
Mix Marketing11
SWOT Analysis 14
The ANSOFF Matrix 19
Bibliography 21


In this case, I’m going to speak about the Carroll’s company, who want to integrate the Chinese market. This study is going to show what will be the strategy of the company to establish in this country.
In this study weare also going to analyze the keys of success for Caroll.
In first I’m going to present the company in its global nature, and then I will speak about the Chinese environment. In third part I will speak about the 4P (Marketing mix) and finally I will present an SWOT analysis, follow by the BCG matrix.
All the tools that we will use are going to give us some elements about the future of Caroll inthe Chinese Market.


1963: launch of the brand, "Carroll Knits" by Raphael Levy and Joseph Bigio.
1980: Launch of the ready-to-wear and opening the first franchised shops in France.
1984: Opening of the first branch and IPO.
1988: A subsidiary of Groupe Andre (now Vivarte).
1994: Creation of the brand "Caroll Paris.
1997: International expansion.


This "success story", one of the largest in the world of ready-to-wear, which has lasted over 40 years, is not a coincidence. Carroll is a well established identity coupled with an ability to adapt to market and to all the women, a quality product that combines comfort, elegance and femininity.

It all began in 1963. Raphael Levy and Joseph Bigio create "The knitwearCarroll. Why Carroll? This is the preferred name of Joseph Bigio, he would have given the girl he has not had.
Its meshes, including Shetland, are popular and available in over 1000 retailers.

The 1970s saw the company grow and its market share too.
In the 1980s, the both launched a collection of ready-made, and its at this period that the first franchised shops are springing up in France. Theaccessories make their entrance and the Caroll shops who are always full, nicely dress women from head to toe.

In 1984, Carroll opened its first branch and the stock exchange under the name of Carroll International.

After the entry of Group André (Vivarte) in 1988, they launched "Caroll Paris" in 1994.
Once the network is fully developed in France, Caroll, directs its international expansionby multiplying across the globe, shops, memberships, franchises and locations in department stores. The brand has also more than 300 stores in its own name with a hundred overseas.

In the 2000s, is the democratization of luxury "by Carroll." Product quality and service, design and layouts of its stores, particularly pleasant give an impression of refinement and build customer loyalty....