Charles de gaulle

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Charles de Gaulle a great negotiator

Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle was a French General. The 18th of June he calls the French to the resistancefrom London. And he led the Free French Forces during World War II. After the liberation he restored the Republic. He established the right for women tovote. He reorganized France and made many reforms. In 1958 he founded the fifth republic, and become the first president of this fifth republic.
Charles deGaulle has been a leader for the French. He realized important reforms. He unified the population. He brought France as an important country on theinternational scale. He managed the problem of decolonization and the crisis of May 68.
During all his life Charles de Gaulle had to negotiate on many topicsvery different. He negotiated with UK and USA during and at the end of World War II. He convinced the French population and the government of hislegitimacy. He dealt with many countries for the decolonization. He found solution on dramatic French crisis. But he also made errors during his military andpolitical life.
Nowadays his name is still very present in France. In most of the cities there is a street on his name. The most important French airport orthe famous aircraft carrier bears the name of Charles de Gaulle.
We will study the history of Charles de Gaulle and we will focus on the importantnegotiation he made. Furthermore we will analyze what was his negotiating style and how he had such a success. Besides we will look on the mistakes he made.