Corporate social responsability

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The CSR is a form of self-regulation of company integrated in an economic model. The purpose of it, is to function like an integrated and auto-levelling mechanism. The CSR is to some extent asupport of the law, standards morals and international.
The business is related to the responsibility for the impact of the activities of the company on the environment, on the consumers, the agents, theemployees as well as the other members of the public domain.
Term CSR entered the everyday usage towards beginning of the 70’s, we can also define it as an operating business where meets the moralsexpectations, commercial, legal and public as the company has of business.
Many companies consider the CSR as a set of policies and practices, which are built-in, all the business transactions anddecision-making processes.
Another definition of the CSR, that the community-based development approach, it means that the companies work with the local communities to improve.
Shell is a goodexample of this approach of the CSR, they have create a center of studies with an aim of helping of the children to inform itself like training adults.

The CSR is related to many subjects, such asthe environment, more and more of companies act to try to reduce their environmental impacts, some of them are really implied on this subject.
Another subject related to the CSR, the labour security,the respect of the labour law but also the fight against the child work and discrimination to work.
The concept of human right is also related to all that.
The companies acting within acommunity, there gain something, the acts of philanthropy, donations, voluntarisms, increase the reputation of the company and what it represents. This community involvement can allow, in the same time, thecompanies to observe the impact of their actions, donations and knowledge, which they brought to a community.
The CSR plays a big role in the application of the standard businesses, in the economic...