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Neil Nouira
Creative wrighting

This story takes place in Silvermoon city. It is situated in a magic world that has any link with the real world. It represents the perfect world whereeveryone is equal and where everyone looks the same.
Hi, I am survivor R2D2 and I am going to narrate you my story:
One day, during the class of philosophy, our teacher was teaching to us themeaning of happiness. He told us that to be all the same, having blue eyes and blond hair showed that we were pure and peaceful. On my way back home, an old man came up to me and told me that Silvermooncity is a prison and that I had to leave as soon as possible. The old man was terrifying, he had scars everywhere. He also gave me a map of the city and underneath it, it was written in big letters:FIND THE GATE AND LEAVE
I didn’t know ho to trust, I was lost. The old man looked very strange but sincere so I trusted him. The next day, while I was going to school, my mother founded on my desk themap that the old man gave me so she showed everything to the principal and at lunch time the principal called me to his office. My mother was there too. They sent me to the city laboratory wherescientists started strange tests on me; it was similar to a brainwash. During the night, when everyone was sleeping I escaped from the laboratory and I ran to my school. I finally opened the door andpenetrated in the schools corridors. I went directly to my principal’s office but it was locked. I figured out a plan B when I was running to come to school so I went all the way back and I climbed to theprincipal’s window. I broke the window and took the map on his desk. Then, I directly went to the city harbour. I stole a small boat and I followed the map all the way to the mysterious gate. I couldsee in the sea mist dressing up in front of me a gigantic gate. The word EARTH was engraved in the stone of the gate. I walked to the gate and without thinking I jumped into it. I got teleported in...