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- Well ! Let’s hear what you have to say. What time was it when you entered in mister Steve cannonball’s office ?
- Two o’clock p.m.
- You have a good memory, haven’t you ? And whatwhere doing there ?
- That’s right mister Steve cannonball had asked to come at two o’clock that day for an appointment
- Did you hear anything strange before entering Stevecannonball’s office ?
- Yes, I heard a voice, a man’s voice. The man sounded frightened.
- And could you remember the exact words uttered by the man ?
- Yes, I could. The man said “Don’t ! They ‘ll know you’re the murderer !”
- So, when you heard him, how did you react ?
- I was flabbergasted, I didn’t know how to react.
- What happened then ?
- I wasabout to know to the door again when. I suddenly heard gunshots from Steve cannonball’ office.
- And then ?
- I rushed into the room to see what happened.
- What did you see whenentering ?
- At first, I saw movies rushes an a screen just behind mister Steve cannonball desk. Mister Steve cannonball was sitting at his desk but his blood was placed at a strangeangle, a cold angle. So, I supposed mister Steve Cannonball must have been dead.
- And what else ?
- I swing the armchair and I discover the horror : there was blood all over mistercannonball’s chest … a bullet wound obviously.
- Was there anyone else in the office ?
- Yes, there was a woman flying on the floor next to the French window.
- What did she dothere ?
- I don’t know but she was crying and there was a smoking gun near her.
- How did she read when she saw you ?
- No, she didn’t say on word, she couldn’t move.
- Didyou touch anything before the police arrived ?
- Of course, not.
- Did you notice anything else ?
- Yes, I did. There were fringsprints on the corpet near the open windows.