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16th September 2001
Dear Mrs
My name is Stoffel Van Der Borg but I think that you already know me. I’m writing to you to say thank you.You give the heart’s husband to me, a stranger for you and I think that your movement is so wonderful. I’m still alive thanks to you today. Iam sorry for your husband, sincere condolences ! If I can do something to help you, I’m there. I’ve a debt towards you and you can ask me allwhat you want. This car accident has completely changed my life : before this accident I was happy-go-lucky, very proud and racist I confess,but this crash has opened my eyes. You have opened my eyes.I’m sure it will be so difficult to give the heart of your husband and Iunderstand.
My point of view is not the same now, I disagree with Apartheid. I worked in a bank before the accident but today I help Blackschildrens : I try to teach english to them and we play rugby together the afternoon. Today I’m better man than before. Now I try to help black peoplefrom racial segregation. I organize demonstrations in all country and a lot of people want to join me. You have to do a lot for me and I doall I can to you now. You can be sure that this confrontation between Blacks and Whites will be finish soon, I would stay up personally.
Ijust want to say to you Thank You Thank you so much. You are my guardian angel.
Looking forward to seeing you soon, Yours sincerely, Stoffel.