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Seller Finland |Rank |ADAPTATION |Buyer Brésil |Rank | |Small Power distance :
Hierarchy means an inequality of roles, established for convenience |46 |The Fin manager talk directly to the Brazilienmanager and introduce his team in order to follow the hierarchy
- Each speaker talks about his own area

|Long power distance :
Hierarchy means existential inequality. Subordinatesexpect to be told what to do |14 | |Individualism : Universalism, other people seen as potential resources |17 |Hierachy and collectivism are difficult to merge. However the group stay unified)
-Common break during the negotiation to think about the strategy
- Members talk to the whole team
|Collectivism : Particularism, other people are seen as members of their group
Relationshipprevails over task |26 | |Feminity : Assertiveness ridiculed, undersell yourself, stress on life quality, intuition |47 |The Brazilian’s team has detailled objectives and almost no contact with theother team. They’ve only talked about the negotiation elements) |Masculinity : Assertiveness appreciated, oversell yourself, stress on careers, decisiveness |27 | |Uncertainty avoidance : Moreformalization and standardization, emotional need for rules, written or unwritten |31-32 |Reactivity to the brazilian buyers change of position
- Mutual aid between the different negotiators when one ofthem couldn’t handle the situation)
- Everything were planned on the Fin side)
- Minimum risks startegy |Uncertainty avoidance : Dislike of rules, written or unwritten, less formalizationand standardization |21-22 | |Communication : High context, emphasis on the results, individual management of tasks, importance of the argumentation | |Communication only based on language. Little bitof body language to show the difficulties of the language)
- No written documents

|Communication : People oriented, introductory activities traditions, low importance to not lose face....