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2012 : The Doomsday ?

The Times published an article on the 13th November 2009 about doomsday. The author deals with the topic of the recent American movie “2012” : the end of the world. The 21 stdecember 2012 would in fact correspond to the end of the Mayas' calendar and would see the destruction of the planet. He insists on the fact that more and more apocalyptic films are released. Afterthe success of many movies such as Deep Impact, The day after Tomorrow, Armageddon, it seems that doomsday has become an inspiring theme for scenarists. This can be explained by the need to see thedestruction of our society. But some movies try to end on an optimistic touch, with a group of survivors on a purified Earth who can build a new perfect world. The author argues that this kind of moviesopens discussions about global warming, nuclear power, financial and scientific responsibilities. Behind the impressive visual effects, these films can raise these questions. Moreover scenarios ofdisaster movies are based on scientific fact, sometimes with some liberties. The movie is then a mean to show, with exageration, what a real natural disaster could produce. That's why the author of thearticle considers that these movies are not totally out of touch with reality. I consider that this day will be a capital day in our life. If the doomsday could occur on the 21st December 2012, itshould be necessary to make this day a public holiday. Since there would be no next day, it seems normal to profit the most of this last day. For instance many groups on Facebook suggest to make a bigparty that day. That would be a great idea. More seriously I agree with the fact that destruction of the society and doomsday have become common topics in current movies. Indeed media and politics alwaystalk about global warming or man's effect on the Earth, so it seems logical that directors take hold of these subjects for their films. This could be a mean to open the spectator's eyes on how...