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(royal women watch)

I/ Business description
Presentation of R.W.W
R.W.W is a small enterprise, created in 2008. The Headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland. The chairman is Chauvelot Lucas, the chief executive officer, Claire Chazal and the marketing director, Descles Anne-Sophie.
R.W.W is a company that creates artisanal watches for women in order to promotethe acknowledgement of women in the professional world.
Our project is the creation of a new brand of watch for women. The project wants to show that watch is not only a male accessory, which shows their position in the society, their charisma but also an accessory for ambitious women.
The project consists in the opening of a first store in Geneva, cradle of prestigious brand of watchs likerolex and then the opening of different store all around the world.

II/ History
The history of our company is very short because the creation dates from 2008. The first store opened in October 2008 and our first collection of watches was classic watches in order to target a large market for our first apparition in the luxury world. Then, in September 2009, we launched a young womencollection with a more fantasist aspect. Today, we launch a more audacious collection for mature women, business women more precisely; it is our specificity it is for this reason that this watch has the name of our company, this watch represents the ambition of our company.
Concerning the brand RWW, it developed quickly in Swiss and we begin to create opportunities in Canada and France, our futureproject is the opening of stores in these countries.

III/Location and Facility description
The location of our company is in Geneva for different reasons. Firstly, because of our sector of activity. Watch-making sector is worldly famous in Switzerland and it is a synonym of quality, luxury and refinement. Watches are part of the country and are considered around the world as the best one whenthey come from Switzerland so that is the first reason which justifies our choice to settle in Geneva. The second reason is that Switzerland is a prime investment location in Europe and even in the world with an excellent business environment, which is combined with an attractive corporate tax ruling. This country is one the few low-tax jurisdictions, serving as an ideal global headquarters’location as we decided to do. To add, as a general rule, the freedom of trade and industry, guaranteed by the Swiss constitution, allows everyone, including foreign nationals as us, to set up and operate a business in Switzerland. And we can see that there is much less red tape in Swiss business regulation than in the UK, Germany, Italy or France. To conclude, our location is a well thought out choicebecause the second reason attracts many rich people attracted by the low-tax and banking secret, and they are people who often can buy our product. All these reasons make Switzerland our choice.

IV/ Product
The RWW is the name of our new product which has the name of our company because it is the symbol of our know-how and our values that is to say precision, longevity and character.
The RWWis a luxury product which wears in all situations, the constant research of perfection land up in this model by a meticulous conception and an absolute attention of the detail.
The price of the product is between 600 and 800 euros first because it is an artisanal product of which the conception is patent and second because it is an high quality product makes with precious metals like gold,silver, diamond…

V/ Market and competition
Description of the market
The luxury market considerably became more and more democratic during the last twenty years. Formerly reserved in "happy few" (some privileged persons), products and luxury services gradually became accessible for all. According to the data of the Institute Risc, 50% of European bought a luxury brand during the last twelve...