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Within days, the Tunisian youth released from a news story as she lived every day for years and relayed via the Internet, brought down the Tunisian government. The"revolution of jasmine" is born tonight.

The Tunisians have driven their president. After 23 years of dictatorship embodied bythe almighty Ben Ali, Tunisians have managed what seemed even a few days, even hours, unthinkable: tofrighten him and drive away.

The events unfolded in Tunisia at breakneck speed. Dismissal of Minister of the Interior,the entire government, announced early elections for president and finally,tonight, BenAli's exile.

Economique et social
The Arab-Muslim world saw a turning point since last December (2010). Part of Tunisiaafter the immolation of ayoung graduate idle unemployed, this fever has crossed theborder from North Africa to align with Yemen and some Gulf countries. is a major shockthat also affects the Western powers, who have not seen the rest come thistransformation despite thepresence of pharmacies and diplomatic representatives in the field.

The Tunisian and Egyptian populations Viavant tourism feel the shock, and indeedsocial lstructure destabilizes. Libya knows that astrong early foreign workers known todate for the start imbalance thereof to Tunisia and Egypt, which disrupts the de factowelcoming country

What we want to highlight here is this in today's globalizedeconomy, the consequences are many with the simple fact of rising gasoline prices at the pump in Western countriesand the fall of the tourism market as "tour operators around theworld that prizedbeaches Tunisian and Egyptian frescoes become confused.'s side of the news-yorkstock indices also s'affollent.

Political Crisis in North Africa, more than 5,000 refugees have landed Lampadusa,Italianisland, situated between Malta and Tunisia, since the beginning of the year. Thesituation is even more critical that the island, strong 5000 inhabitants, can not a priorionly...