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Freakonomics : Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

Author: Steven Levitt; Stephen Dubner
Title: Freakonomics

With these studies in Harvard, Steven Levitt became a famous American economist. He is specialized in macroeconomics.

StephenDubner was an American journalist for the New Work Time. He writes his article with his friend Steven Levitt.


With a lot ofnumbers and statistics, the writers want to demonstrate a difference between social life and economic consequences

When a professional want to sell hishouse himself, he prefer to wait a few days. In fact this house is more expensive.

In the worlds of the drugs, the “foot soldier” are very poor. When themust give food to their family (women and children), they leave this network for working in a normal job.

They said murders in NewYork are in decline, itisn’t thanks to a hard politics but it’s because of the low which legalized the abortion.

An other example is the first name of our children. This firstname has an enormous impact for the future life’s children.


I don’t know what I think about this book even if sometime I’m agreeingwith the authors. But I‘am shocking by the comparison KKK/the guys who sell house.

This book is a best seller in USA. It’s may be thanks to JohnsBates Clark medal’s.

The same author publish in October 2009 an other book (super freakonomics) however the success in not the same that their firs book.