Gap year

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Whereas his mother was looking at television, Mike enters in the living room. Mocina and her son are starting a conversation about Mike's project.

“Hey mom, Iwas just thinking about something…” said Mike nervously.
“Oh yeah? “ she replied curiously.
“Yes, but… First, you have to promise me that you will think aboutit!”
“Ok I will. What does it deal with?”
“Actually, it’s been a few weeks I have planned to go on a Gap Year.”
“Well… I don’t agree with this kind of trip.”“Why ? I’m sure it would be a good opportunity for me to go on such an adventure, I really want to take a break. “
“Listen Mike. At the moment you have to prepareyou final exam otherwise you will not be able to integrate the business school you wanted”
“Mom, you don't get me. I want to pass to another thing, at least fora few times because I am really stressed by work.” Insisted Mike as he became impatient.
“For me it is not realistic. You will lose time in your studies all thatto go travelled alone somewhere!”
“I had the idea to go in Australia with a named Alicia. “
“In Australia ? To do what ? Who is Alicia?” asked Monica who wassurprised.
“I knew that you were going to react like that, I would have to speak about it with dad…”
“That will not be useful if you do not have my agreement”“In fact, I just wanted to spent a week in Australia with Alicia my best friend. We are both interested in diving, it would be a fantastic moment!”
“I tell youMike, if you have your exam I will convince your father to let you go there! Deal?”
“Ok ! Deal ! Thank you, I love you mom!” replied Mike by making her a hug.