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1)Why did Maria and Antonio chose to have a gene – modified baby as a second child?

Maria and Antonio chose to have a gene modified baby as a second child because Vincent is full ofimperfections. The doctor said that he will die when he'll be 30 years old, which is pretty young. Moreover he's sick, he has a lot of diseases and they don't accept him at school because he is tooweak. Vincent's future is uncertain. Maria and Antonio made the decision to have gene – modified baby because they wanted a healthy baby who will play and protect Vincent. They also knew that a genemodified baby would have a bright future, so they won't worry about him.

2)Which of the two children is superior to the other. Give examples to justify your answer.

Anton is superior to his brother,even if he's younger, Anton is taller. He is also a best swimmer, when they played a game called ' chicken', the one who lose everytime is Vincent. The Eldest has a dream, he wants to become anastronaut but his parents keep telling him that he will never do this kind of job, they want him to be realistic. They don't act like this with Anton because he's smarter and he is a gene- modified.3)What has Vincent decided to do? Why?

He has decided to change his DNA which is illegal, he has done that to fulfill his dream. That was what he has to do to become an astronaut, he needed tobecome a valid person. So he has took the identity of Anton Eugene Morrow a swimmer who tried to kill himself because he 'only' had a silver medal in a competition, but his suicide attempt failed and nowhe's paralyzed. Fortunately, the accident took place outside the country, it means that no-one knows that he can't walk. So the identity of Anton is still perfect and it will allow him to try hisluck. He will be a member of the elite.

4)What changes and tricks does he resort to achieve his purpose.

Vincent has increase his height, he has to become right-handed because he is left-handed...