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Parque des RetiroThe most famous city park. If you walk in the park, you will find Palacio de Cristal, iron and glass structure realized for the Exhibition of the Philippine Islands there. Today, he shelters temporary exhibitions quite as the Palace Vélasquez and Accommodated her of Vacas. In the park del Retiro, you can also discover the tree considered as the oldest of Madrid: the ahuehuete orthe Mexican cypress planted in 1632. The park del Retiro also offers the possibility of assisting a session of t'ai chi ch'uan, of consulting a clairvoyant or of listening to the music of the itinerant artists. To see: Palacio de Cristal, gardens, monument A Alphonse XII, El Angel Caido's statue, only monument of the world dedicated to the devil. To make: walk in boat on the lake, to visit themuseum of the Army

Palais royal

The Royal Palace is a large and luxurious building which was built with a base of columns. This is the official residence of the kings of Spain. You can walk around and in the palace between the fountains and plants.Today the palace is intended to organize dinners and royal audiences as well as famous events like the day of "Hispanidad" (official holiday inSpain). The Royal Palace also offers a gallery with a total of 70 tables.

Musem of Prado

The Prado Museum was inaugurated in 1819. It is housed in a magnificent neo-classical. It brings together the collections that have made the kings of Spain from Charles V. The largest collection of Spanish masters in the world is exposed. The Italian and Flemish schools are also well represented.

MadridLocated in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid is a cosmopolitan city which has preserved its architectural and cultural heritage while providing visitors a modern hotel infrastructure. The historic center of Madrid shows the splendor of the city in the 16th century, when it gained the status of capital of the kingdom. From that time, successive large buildings, the Royal Palace to theCathedral de la Almudena through the Plaza Mayor, Gran Via and Puerta del Sol, not to mention refreshing gardens and numerous museums including the Prado. Madrid is a vibrant city, numerous concerts, exhibitions and festivities, verbenas are organized throughout the year. Finally, many schools, restaurants and bars in Madrid and warmly welcome tourists who enjoy some tapas and sangria! Plaza Mayor Itwas in 1619 during the reign of Philip III of Spain that the Plaza Mayor of Madrid was built on the site of the old market. The buildings were built in Baroque style Castilian. They form a rectangle of 120 meters by 90. The place quickly became the largest center of town. The people of Madrid can attend major festivals, installed on the stands, but also to performances at the time of theInquisition. The Plaza Mayor is the ideal place for tourists who appreciate all the terraces in summer than its splendid decorations. Madrid Cathedral The construction of the Cathedral of Madrid (Nuestra Senora de la Almudena) began in 1883 and lasted until 1993. It was Pope John Paul II who has spent at Notre Dame. The style of the facade of Almudena approaches the neo-classical, fairly austere. Howeverthe interior was designed in Neo-Gothic. Originally, the building should be a simple parish church and the crypt of the Romanesque style had already been built before the project evolves. This mixture of styles is the result of frequent changes to the original plan. In addition, the site was repeatedly interrupted by lack of funds and is ultimately through a subscription that the cathedral could becompleted. The Prado Museum The Prado Museum in Madrid is home to one of the largest collections of paintings in the world. Visitors can admire over 5000 works, including many paintings by Spanish masters, Velasquez, Goya, El Greco ... but also paintings by Bosch, Rubens and Raphael. The museum is open daily except Mondays and admission is free on Saturday afternoon. The ticket also gives access...
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