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Nowadays the globalization is a very important part of our lives. Without globalization, (it)shall not be so simple to know the latest world news so easily; I wouldn't eat what I want whenever I want, in our globalized world, seasons do notmatter. As for me, without globalization, I would not be living in Canada, because my father works for an oil company. It's easily to travel around theworld, which means easier to get to know other culture, and extent of knowledge. I think that globatisation also helped to get people to be'' open-mind''.Globalisation can be described as a link, a link between people. It is so many things at the same time, and it affects almost every aspect of mylife. It's easier to get so many things now. Music, arts, knowledge, everything goes faster and is easier. The must is internet, with internet I can shop,talk to friends that are in other countries, learn things, it helps in many ways. Medicine is improved faster, but epidemics also get spread faster,we are living the example of it: swine flu.

When a natural disaster as the tsunami happens, we are sometimes able to inform people with hightechnologie, and if we don't countries send help faster. Education became better, and we now help poor country's child to get one. Also there are medicinalorganizations that goes in underdevelopped countries to help poor people getting shots, drugs ect...To me globalisation is present, but it also is future.