Harry potter

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Hello Mr and Mrs,

As you know, on the 26th October, the last installement of Harry Potter series, Harry Potter et les reliquesde la mort will be available.

For this event, we will have to organize on this day at midnight, a party for celebrate the launching of the last episode of Harry Potter. The salesmen will haveto wear as a wizard and witch and the environment of Hogwarts, will have installation in the store. Hogwarts is the school of witchcraft and wizardry where Harry Potter and his friends studies soit’s an important element in Harry Potter’s universe.

We will have to get various articles to us belonging to the world of the magic like cloak, cauldron, crystal ball and so forth…to be closestto environment than we want to give in our bookstore.

At the time of this evening of the 26th October, we will organize a spectacle of magic to alleact the top of prospective costumers. Wewill place at the disposal of our customers delicacies met in the preceding installements of Harry Potter such as chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s every-flavour beans…

We will establish thisbook on the totally of the wall located at the
bottom of the store to obtain a mass effect and consequently to start occasion of impulses purchases.

We will order 7.500 copies of this book inorder to avoid the out of stock conditions because it will be like preceding episodes a best seller. We will have to place the order at the latest semi September in order to be on having the goods atthe appropriate time.

So that this party has an important impact on the readers, we will have to send invitations to the people who reserved the book. Moreover, we will distribute leafletsconcerning this party to the passers by and each costumers passing in case in order to sensitize them to the top and which they all move for this event.

People will be able to reserve it 3...