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An investigation into the past and the future of Media:
Before the advent of Internet Media like Radio, Television and Newspaper were the most influent Media.
But in 1991 something changed: TimBerners-Lee presents World Wide Web.
Thanks to this striking invention Society changed in a slow, but constant way.
The most important changing was the way people started to acquire information andnews, nowadays everybody can learn everything just spending some seconds on the Web.
However, WWW also modified the way how people socialize and keep in touch with their friend.
In fact, the Web isthe place were Social Network Sites (SNS) were born.
SNS become more and more popular in the last year and, nowadays, they are the new way of sharing information and opinions.
I started myresearch because this process fascinated me a lot and, moreover, investigating about the past will help me to understand (hopefully) what will happen in the future, and what will be the future of Media.Furthermore, investigating about SNSs made me discover that the most successful Advertising Campaigns today, are the ones that used SNSs to get in touch with consumers.
Type of Research:
 Web is a revolutionary and ever-changing tool, so I decided to do my research on specific websites and blogs.

I had to use something as fast and dynamic as Web is. But books take time to be editedand people knowledge comes from the Web. So I though using the Web was the right choice.

But I know that sometimes some websites are not totally trustable and safe, so I decided to do a rigidselection.
In fact, I used only famous journals websites (Guardian and Scientific American). Moreover I used an article written by an University researcher and an assistant professor (Social NetworkSites: Definition, History, and Scholarship- Journal of Computer Mediated Communication) and a case study made by Paul Veenendaal, a Digital Media Consultant at Ogilvy (Case study: The Barack Obama...