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Charlotte And Her Doll
Terry : Charlotte played quietly with her doll Axelle in her bedroom when her mother arrived nervous.
Dim : -You still played with the knife Charlotte ?
Ben : -No mum ! It’sAxelle !
Dim : - Who is Axelle ?
Ben : -Eeeh , it’s my doll mum .
Dim : -Oh my god , Charlotte , don’t say stupidities please…(soupir)
Ben : -Mum ! I swear you it's true , i said no to Axellebut she want …
Dim : -Silence ! i go down, I do not want to hear you.
Axel : - I told you not to say that to your mum !
Ben : -Shut up , you've done enough damage !
Axel : -Don’t be violentCharlotte, don’t understand i can do all i want and without me you couldn’t do anythings.
Ben : -OK…Sorry…What we’ll do now ? Mum have taken the knife ?
Axel : -It’s to late to say anything about the knife, don’t panic Charlotte.
And after it will be to late, we can sleep her for the life…
Ben : -Oh yes ! I'd prefer that my mom will not talk like that I could
         do what I want.
Terry : Thenightfall , the Charlotte’s mother went to say good night with a kiss on her head.
Chalotte slept next to Axelle.
Dim : -Good night my dear.
Ben : -Good night mum.
Terry : The Young girl said to thedoll :
Ben : -I think her « good night » miss me but it will rest her kiss i think, no ?
Terry : After a few time, Axelle take the knife she has stollen discretely and go to the mum’s bedroom.Ben : -You are bad Charlotte…
Terry : The doll jump on the mother and kill her with the knife.
Ben : -Axelle ! What have you done ?!!!
Axel : -Your mum will never speak , that's what you wanted no ?Ben : -Yes , but why she bloods ? Is she death ?
Axel : -Yes because you kill her Charlotte !
Ben : -What ? It’s you Axelle !...
Axel : -You’re bad Charlotte, i’m just your doll…
Take the knife,it’s your !
Terry : When the Charlotte’s father arrived, he called to the mother but when he has gone in the bedroom , he seen Charlotte with the knife !
He don’t understand anything , he called...