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Their following album, Led Zeppelin III (taken out on October 5th, 1970), shows that the group does not just furious guitar songs and to the aggressive voice of Robert Plant.
[pic] LedZeppelin III
The sulphurous reputation of Led Zeppelin was due to numerous distances: destroyed hotel rooms, groupies and abuse of drugs ...
Their fourth album, the dress handkerchief(pochette) goes outon November 8th, 1971. Certain texts are inspired by the Lord of the rings of Tolkien. This album is the most sold by the group thanks to the classic Stairway to Heaven, but also thanks to rich andvaried compositions.
[pic] Led Zeppelin IV
The group takes out Houses of the Holy on March 28th, 1973, the first one of their albums having with a “real” title strictly speaking. The album is veryvaried, Led Zeppelin venturing on the reggae or on the funk, which makes them lose and losing so a little of its spontaneity.
[pic] House oh the Holy
The same year, Robert Plant, whom the voice isextremely often used by tours with repetition (450 concerts in four years) and the tobacco, undergoes an operation of the vocal cords which leaves it voiceless during several weeks.
On February 24th,1975, the group publishes his sixth studio album . It is a double, entitled Physical Graffiti. For many fans, it's the last big album of "Led Zep".
[pic] Physical Graffiti


On August4th, 1975, Robert Plant became a victim of a grave car accident during a stay on the island of Rhodes in Greece. During of long For several months, he stays in a wheelchair without knowing if he can willre-walk again one day. At the beginning of 1976, the group succeeds nevertheless ordre in returning to studio to register a new album.

On April 5th, 1976, the group takes out Presence.At thebeginning of 1977, after Robert Plant's recovery, being restored, the group begins what will be his biggest American tour since their beginning. Indeed, during their forced inactivity while they could...
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