Led zeppelin

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Led Zeppelin were an english rock band created in 1968 by Jimmy Page, the Yardbirds’ guitarist, with Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham.
Page played theguitar, Plant was the singer, Jones played the bass guitar, the keyboards and the mandolin and Bonham was the drummer.

Led Zeppelin are cited as one of the creators of hard rock musicand heavy metal.
But you should know that they have a special style. Indeed, they took a leaf out of many sources: of course rock, but also blues, folk, reggae and a lot of other.
Aheavy and guitar driven sound recognize their music.
They were one of the 1st bands that preferred to develop the concept of ‘album-oriented rock’ instead of release singles of theirpopular songs.

Led Zeppelin are always seen as the biggest band of the 70s, because of their legendary scenic performances, their improvisations on stage, and their medleys. In fact,each concert could last to 4 hours, so that there isn’t any 1st part.
Moreover, they sold 200 (two hundred) million albums worldwide, including more than 111,5 million only in the UnitedStates.
Besides, the band was often compared to ‘The Beatles’; they had as success and influence as them in the 60s.

From 1969 to 1979, Led Zeppelin brought out 9 records; allreached the top 10 of the album chart in the US.

One of their most popular song is ‘Stairway to heaven’, that was on their fourth album.

But in 1975, Plant had an accident, so the bandcouldn’t play.
They had to have a break during one year, and other rock band, like the Sex Pistols, took their place.
However, Led Zeppelin came back on stage.
Unfortunately, in1980, John Bonham died by asphyxiation from vomit, so the members decided to disband Led Zeppelin.

Nowadays, the band continues to have a lot of influence on most of the rock band.