Lie to me

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Lie to Me is an American TV show created by Samuel Baum from the scientific discoveries of Dr. Paul Ekman in clinical psychology, and broadcast from April 29, 2010 on M6.
Dr. CalLightman, and his team in the group Lightman Bring their expertises to the services to the U.S. government to help resolve criminal and civil investigations particularly difficult to analyzed.
First of all there is:
Cal Lightman who is a doctor in psychology with an expertise in the language of the body and especially microexpressions and founder of the group Lightman, a privatecompany which works as an independent contractor to facilitate inquiries. Cal moreover exercised some years in the service of the English government then American secret services before establishing hiscompany. His capacities, that he put twenty years perfecting, result from his obsession for her mother who committed suicide while no psychologist had noticed forerunners, until Cal crosses therecordings in slow motion and brings to light signs of fear and ill-being. Of a nature confident and irascible but also very sure of him and rather arrogant, he is divorced and father of a fifteen-year-oldteenager, Emily, who seems to have inherited some talents of his father.Very endow to play the comedy , he cannot however refrain, in a sick way, from trying to check everything and to analyse thefeelings of everybody.What makes him very difficult to live for his relations and strongly motivated the petition for divorce of his ex-wife. The character is based on Dr Paul Ekman, psychologist andconsiderable expert on the physical language and the facial expressions at the University of California, San Francisco. He cares profoundly about Gillian Foster, and he(it) ya a chemistry between themwhich does not still have to develop in something furthermore.
Gillian Foster doctor in psychology particularly endowed in interrogations, assures with Cal the direction of the group Lightman. They...