Luka suzanne vega

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« Luka » is a song recorded by Suzanne VEGA and realised as a single in 1987 (nineteen eighty seven) , it remains her highest-charting hit in the USA.
This song was one of the earliest to dealwith child abuse and domestic violence.

Suzanne VEGA was born in 1959 ( nineteen fifty nine) in Santa Monica. She is an American songwriter and singer known for her highly literate lyrics andelectric folk-inspired music.
When she was two and a half , the family moved to New-York city. She grew up in Spanish Harlem and the Upper West Side. At the age of nine she began to write poetry, she wroteher first song at age of fourteen.

This song speaks about the violence against children. It deals with a Young boy who is not allowed to speaker of what takes place at home. Maybe he is abused andfought.
Also, in an interview, she responded to a question about her song « luka » :
- Interviewer : « when you can touch so many people with songs like ‘luka’, it must be pretty rewarding »
-Vega : «yeah, it’s an amazing feeling. Especially since that particular song is a very special song. it’s a song about child abuse, so therefore it does touch a lot of people in a different way thanif It were, say, a love song or some over kind of song »

Vega told her personal experience in that song, she want to touch some people about child abuse and domestic violence.

For that song,Suzanne Vega took a beaten child’s place. In this song, the boy name is Luka.
On the first paragraph Suzanne introduce Luka, she said how his name is and where he lives. L.1-2-3 «My name is Luka, Ilive in the second floor … »
Suzanne talks about a young boy who lived in the same building as her, she saw him several times in the courtyard making tortured, humbled by others children..

Onthe second paragraph Suzanne mentions the violence which suffers this young boy at home.

L5.6.7 We can see that he is hit line five «  some kind of trouble, some kind of fight »
He is humbled...