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Company presentation

Founded in 1993, Dyson is a British company specializing in appliances innovative design and performance
Everybody knows Dyson vacuums, operating at cyclonic separation bag less. It is the most vacuums sold in the U.S. and U.K. (before Hoover.)
Dyson is also specialized in washing machine, fan and dry hands.
DYSON society, today is 2 500 employees including 400engineers and scientists, a turnover of 800 million Euros, and a dozen subsidiaries around the World.

James Dyson

James Dyson is the principal and sole shareholder of his company with his wife and children. He wanted to appoint a trusted person in his position as leader for now back at his real occupation: "Chief Engineer". However, he keeps control of 100%. Indeed, the passions of thesixties, casual but elegant, is none other than designing and revolutionizes the world, bringing new innovations and conquer new markets. His stubbornness in his research led his to shake the market with the law of physics.
Daily he finds strange ideas and wanted to defy atypical challenges.
He gives a lot of interest in research (10% of his turnover, an ever increasing number of engineers,developments ranges increasingly sophisticated, ultra modern laboratories with biometric security system)

His career

James Dyson, 63, graduated from the Royal College of Art, is primarily a design engineer training
This contractor within the meaning of British humour loves to repeat incessantly the number 5127, which corresponds to the sum of the prototypes it has developed before reaching thefinal of its first vacuum cleaner.
James Dyson arrives every Monday morning with new ideas and presents its teams with lots of prototypes. And with his, an idea leads to another ... What is not always the fun for financial learner desires for investment.

"Working in defiance of all logic and financial marketing. "
Marketing reasoning, thoughts of extending lines or variations of ideas, it isnot in personality or even a priority of James Dyson. He hates the highest point any market research.

James Dyson today embodies the "spokesman of the technological revolution" and innovation, particularly with the British. He is now appears as "the saviour of an economy weighed down by its financial excesses “is also” a symbol of the industrial renaissance" of the United Kingdom.
James Dysondoes not like involved in the company paperwork, however, he strongly supported the candidacy of David CAMERON.

His assets

The strength of James Dyson is to cultivate in him but also within his company the following postulate:

"Being right against the world"


"being, somehow, the holdouts of the market "

He was able to overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable.Stubborn, persistent, however, recognize he knows his mistakes and failures. It also allows him to bounce back and not give up.
And although the profile of creative responsibilities does not frighten him: "I assess the risks well in advance before launching a new product and I put every effort to minimize them. "
Moreover James Dyson is not afraid of sacrifice and is willing to reduceits image for others to the benefit of his business.
Indeed, to preserve its financial research and development, he has taken the important decision to move production to Malaysia and even the cut hundreds of jobs.
But his company will retain his British citizenship, because all products returned to headquarters and are shipped around the world.


James Dyson isinterested only in its products and their success in spite of the rest: The invention comes before the numbers.
The fact that he wants product again and again it difficult for teams to follow, because he is very stubborn, as saying that nothing little to stop it.
He is probably too spontaneous and dark "heads down".
In the words of some employees, the businessman is also offset the inventor...