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Do you know why the logo of McDo became green ?
The objective of this presentation is to know why and how McDonald’s turned to an environmental strategy and if their actions changesomething for the consumers.

(My presentation is about McDonald's and its environmental strategy.) In fact, the first restaurant was oppened in 1940 in the USA. Nowedays, he became the leader onthe market of the fastfood, with more than 31000 restaurants in 121 countries.

I- The strategy of greenmoves:

Nowedays the mentalities changes and the consumers take more and more consciousness(conscience) of the impacts of pollutions on the planet.That's why McDonald's turned(s'est tourné vers) to a new strategy; the sustainable development.
This strategy includes three main objectives:-The first: The participation of the fight againts the global warming.
-The second: The conservation of natural supplies(ressources naturelles)
- The third: Reduce their packagings because they useit a lot

II-The change and its communication:

To reduce packagings:
- First, Mcdo recycles its waste
- They use recyclable cardboard packagings rather than plastic
- Plastic coffee spoon arenow wooden

In the restaurant:
- More ecological materials, such as the wood and the stone for the façades of restaurants.
- New bulbs with low consumption and water savers in bathroom.
- Heatpumps for heating

-Morever, they are the first ones to use "Ecoprogress", it is a software which alows to check activity of a restaurant thanks to environmental indicators and in everythingrestaurants , one person is charge of taking care environmental steps.
- For the greenhouse gases, Mcdo makes a commitment to reduce them of 8 % in 2010.

As regards the food:
- She is healthier andbalanced.
- Their use organic products and more salad

To communicate to the greenmouve:
They do a lot of advertising with
- A campaigne in the press to inform the public of the main environmental...