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I. Presentation

A. Who is Dominique Mars?
B. What is Mars & Co?
C. Where is Mars & Co?

II. Management

A. Mars & Co’s organization 3
B. Mars & Co’s averages 4
C. The way to be promoted 5
D. The recruitment 5
E. Mars & Co’s workers’ profile 5

III. Services 6

A. Mars & Co’s services 6
B. Mars & Co’s clients 6
C. Services’ prices 6
D. An example:Mars & Co’s services for PepsiCo 6

IV. Marketing 7

A. Mars & Co’s target market 7
B. Mars & Co’s strategy 7
C. Mars & Co’s promotion 7

V. Mars & Co’s ethics 7

VI. Finance: Mars & Co’s turnover 8

VII. Mars & Co’s response for globalization 9

Conclusion 10

Sources files 11


1 Who is Dominique Mars?

Dominique Mars was bornin Neuilly Sur Seine (France), he made brilliant studies at Centrale, then at Harvard.
At the end of his studies, he started to work at Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
When he was 31 years old, Dominique Mars became one of the 17 vice-presidents of the Boston Consulting Group.
In 1979, he left Boston Consulting Group because he felt it was essential for a strategy consulting firm to guaranteethe exclusivity of its services to each client. Consequently BCG would have had to select its clients. Dominique Mars couldn't steer his partners in such a direction, so he left Boston Consulting Group and came in Paris to found Mars & Co.  
He installed the headquarters of his society in Paris in an aged mansion, avenue Raymond Poincaré.

2 What is Mars & Co?

Mars & Co is a consulting firmspecialized in strategy and management. The company was founded in 1979 by Dominique Mars which is the current president; he has 100% of the firm parts. Mars & Co is a limited liability company (LLC) which started in France with a capital of $ 17 600.

3 Where is Mars & Co?

In 1979, Mars & Co settled firstly in Paris which is now the headquarters of the company. Considering that the UnitedStates of America was the reference of the consulting market, the company installed a new office in New York in 1982. Then offices in London (in 1986) and in San Francisco (in 1994) were created. More recently, two new offices were built in Tokyo (2000) and in Shanghai (2005).
Nowadays, Mars & Co, as the other leaders of the consulting market, is consequently settled in the more developed areas ofthe world (the triad countries and China).

Paris, France
100, ave. Raymond Poincaré
75116 Paris
(Head office of the company)

Greenwich, Connecticut124 Mason Street   
Greenwich, CT 06830
London, England 
12-18 Grosvenor Gardens 
London SW1W ODH

San Francisco, California
600 Montgomery Street   
San Francisco, CA 94111

Tokyo, Japan1-7-25 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku   
Tokyo 102-0083
Shanghai, China
338 West Nanjing Road
Suite 604-605
Shanghai, PRC 200003


While all the major consulting firms operate on the traditional model of partnership, which allows the most dynamic employees of the company to become shareholders, Mars & Co is fully controlled by itsfounder Dominique Mars. The director wants to remain the master in his own firm.
This uniqueness seems to be risky because it may cause leakage of private talents who would leave the business because they would like more decision-making power and/or more responsibility. It can also condemn some interesting prospect of innovation.

1 Mars & Co’s organization

Unlike its competitors, the company...